Oak Wood Floor Restoration London

Engineered Wood Flooring West London


We were asked to restore this wood floor in London; it had deteriorated over time and the client had received advice that the oak flooring was in such bad condition that they could not be restored successfully.

We visited the home where we spent time discussing the available options with regards to wood finishes. A full floor restoration was advised prior to any finish being applied.


How was this floor sanding process managed?

  • The floor was fully sanded with our state-of-the-art belt sander. This removed the remaining old stain on the wooden boards and sanded away the existing scratches and indentations on the floor.
  • An edge sander was then used to sand closely next to the skirting boards. This provides and even and flawless sanded wood floor throughout.
  • The gaps between the floor boards were then filled with a mixture of glue and sawdust from the floor sanding process. The final sanding process was then completed.
  • Our buffing sander was then used to achieve the even finish in preparation for finishing the wooden floors.

Our client was so grateful that we were able to restore their cared-for floor. We helped them avoid the cost of full replacement and offered information and advice on upkeep to empower the home owners on ensuring their floors looked their best for as long as possible.

Our services are competitively priced; we work hard to provide the best possible level of service whilst achieving value for money for our clients. If you have any questions about restoring oak floors please contact Viktor on 07886 868045.

Solid Chevron Wood Floor London

Chevron Floor Restoration North LondonWood floors in both homes and businesses are striking and attractive and they can add value to a property. It is important to invest time in identifying a professional, local company that have time-served knowledge in laying wooden floors.

We were invited to install this wooden floor in London. The owners were looking for a functional and practical floor but wanted an individual look. Through discussions with them, they decided that a solid wood Chevron floor would fit their requirements.

We discussed how the floor would be laid and the options when contemplating wood finishes. They really appreciated the time we took to offer information and advice and stated, once the work had been completed, how this offered assurance throughout the process.

Why Choose VinaroFlooring?

  • We have in-depth knowing and understanding of wood floor installation
  • We will always do all we can to go the extra mile
  • Our customers are important to us and we always make sure that their home improvement project runs smoothly
  • We offer attention to detail without exception
  • We aim to offer advice that will leave you assured that you are dealing with time-served professionals
  • We are trustworthy and reliable and offer an open approach to our services

Our customer base is throughout North London and West London; if you have any questions or enquiries about solid wood flooring with invite you to call Viktor on 07886 868045.

Our clients were so pleased with the end result and the above image shows their stunning wood floor. We left them with information about routine cleaning which would ensure that their floor was left looking its best for as long as possible.

Engineered Wood Flooring London

We have been privileged to complete a large amount of wood floor restoration work throughout London. Wooden floors are an incredibly popular flooring choice; they are versatile and durable. They can really boost any home or business whether traditional or contemporary.

When installing wood floors, many find it a challenging choice whether to install solid wood flooring, laminate flooring or engineered floors. It is an argued fact that engineered wood floors are the superior alternative and this stems from the make-up of engineered wood.

Engineered Wood Flooring North LondonIt has a finish, real wood layer on top and a non-finish plywood underneath. This is made up of multiple layers; the middle layer of plywood is laid cross-ways in comparison to the finish layer which adds strength to the wood floor.

One clear benefit of this floor type is that it can be restored and sanded. Professional floor sanding is strongly recommended due to the low tolerance of failure. We were invited to restore this wood floor in North London.

This engineered oak flooring needed restoration after years of daily use. When discussing the work with this client, they wanted information and advice on wood finishes. There are so many options when contemplating this part of the process and we spend time discussing this to make sure that the end result matches the requirement desired by our clients.

This is a really important part of the service that we offer. We spoke in depth about wood finishing options and it was decided that a bespoke wood finish would be the best option for our client. Our client had a clear vision of the finish that they wanted and they were so pleased with their restored wood floor.

If you have any questions about restoring an engineered wood floor or wood finish options please call Viktor on 07886 868045.

Pine Flooring Restoration Kensington

Pine Flooring KensingtonWe were invited to restore this Victorian pine floor in Kensington. The wood floor in the dining room had experienced a lot of wear and tear over the years and gaps had started to appear between each board.

We first started by visiting the home where we were able to discuss our services with our prospective client; this gives us the opportunity to answer questions and to offer assurance about our time-served knowledge in the trade.

It also allows our clients the opportunity to ask any questions about the services we provide or how the work will be completed.

Once the quote was accepted, we arranged a date for the work to be completed. We used pine slivers to fill the gaps between the wooden boards and finished the wood floor restoration with three coats of Bona Silk Matt Hard-wearing Lacquer.

Wood Floor Restoration West LondonWood lacquers provide an exceptionally hard-wearing finish and will make sure that the restorations results we achieve are long lasting.

Our clients were incredibly pleased with the finish and said that they would be happy to recommend our services to friends and family.

Pine flooring is an extremely popular wood floor covering and once restored it really does show the natural beauty of wood grains.

If you are looking to restore your wood flooring we invite you to call VinaroFlooring; we offer a comprehensive range of wood floor restoration services at competitive prices.

We are specialists at wood floor installation and floor sanding; please call Viktor onĀ 07886 868045.

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