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As the name suggests, solid wood flooring is milled from a single piece of timber. Historically this type of flooring was originally used for additional support; it now offers an unbeatable reward in magnificence and practicality.
Solid wood flooring is hugely popular offering authenticity and is available in a variety of sizes, species and durability. Each product provides different levels of gloss and surface treatments such as distressing and hand-scraping.
Hardwood flooring has been around for centuries and is used throughout domestic and commercial properties alike. They exude warmth and high-quality varieties are best equipped to offer durability with resistance against daily living in high-traffic areas of any home. A hardwood floor is an ideal solution for households with small children or pets.
Hard wood is available as pre-finished and unfinished boards. Pre-finished planks are more convenient with no requirement of sanding; it is quicker to install as there is no need for drying time for lacquers or varnishes. Unfinished flooring is more labour-intensive, and often expensive, but the results can be more than worthwhile and a superior seal can be obtained.


This type of wood flooring is constructed of three layers offering stability and will less likely shrink and expand with varying temperatures or humidity.
The layers are glued and compressed together at very high pressures to create durable and stable flooring.
Engineered floors are available in varying thicknesses and species allowing for a tailored result to match your decor. It is obtainable in both a square-edged or bevelled design. A square-edged design is more suited to homes looking for a minimal join, whereas a bevelled edge will fit seemingly into a more rustic or traditional property.
Its implicit stable nature means that this flooring choice is well suited to homes with under floor heating systems. A hardwood variation will expand and contract with altering temperature, humidity and level of dampness; engineered floors are more resilient to this and underlay can be fitted to form a barrier for sound, damp and creaking.



This versatile wood flooring choice slips fittingly into many areas of your home or business including hallways, bedrooms, offices and dining rooms. They are warm underfoot and are available in a huge variety of materials including oak, pine, walnut and maple. Whilst being classic in its design, it produces an elegant statement for your property.
You are able to choose a design that is either simple or intricate using angular, block and geometrical patterns. Parquet floors can be selected in lozenges, triangles, herringbone or squares; it is important to find the right solution that suits your design scheme so it integrates seamlessly into your home or business.

This variety in styles, colours and designs means that your Parquet floor can be tailored to suit your budget. Different grades can be chosen to suit low or high-traffic areas. With easy maintenance and detailed design, this flooring choice is a beautiful addition that will certainly increase value of your property.

Whilst it may seem like there are a wealth of options available; the process of carefully selecting your chosen wood type should be an enjoyable process. Vinaro Flooring is equipped with information and knowledge and will spend time identifying the exact specifications with you to achieve your desired designs.

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