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Wooden Floor Installation

Wood Floors have a timeless beauty that is unrivalled by all other floor coverings.

Time needs to be invested in identifying the correct wooden floor type that is well-suited to your desired design.

Alongside this, is careful consideration into which method of wood floor installation is best suited to your chosen wood type.

Vinaro Flooring specialises in fitting the style of your choice from traditional wooden floors to herringbone and other specialist designs.

Our methods of wood floor installation include:

Nailing Down:

We have formulated a secret nailing process which has been tried and tested for many years. Our time-served experience has allowed us to excel in our trade and this professional secret nailing technique is argued to be the best way to fit wooden floor planks.

This method is commonly used for tongued floor boards; a small gap is left around the entire perimeter to allow for natural expansion. By angling the nail forty-five degrees through the top of the tongue, lost head nails are used to produce an incredibly secure finish. There are many advantages of using this method including;

  • Easy access to the sub floor (if any subsequent plumbing or electrical work is required)

  • Individual planks can be removed without the disturbance or damage of surrounding boards

  • A gap-free floor is produced with using state-of-the-art secret nailing machinery

  • Reduced installation times

The choice of wood installation often comes down to personal preference; however, there are some floor types that are more suited to this method. It is advisable to fit hardwood flooring in this way.

The nailing process can be completed into joists or existing flooring including pine boards, chipboard or plywood. No two connecting boards should end on the same line, improving the incredible aesthetics of your chosen wood flooring project.


This technique connects individual planks together through using a click system or tongue and grooves, glued together with a specialist adhesive and without using any nails. The floating installation process has become increasingly popular with engineered wood flooring and laminate floorings for a number of reasons. Solid hardwood floors should never be floated.

This method does not bond the wood boards directly to the sub-floor. We recommend that a high quality underlay is fitted underneath the boards with a built-in moisture barrier. This will, in turn, reduce creaking, movement and sound transmission, whilst acting as a barrier against damp.

It is imperative that all sub-floors must be clean, completely dry and well-levelled prior to installation.

Once again, no two planks should end on the same line, so they are staggered with an expansion gap around all edges. This form of installation is relatively quick, but provides a luxurious and striking look for your wooden floor.

Glue Down:

Using professional wood floor adhesives is an excellent way of fitting solid wood, engineered wood, parquet flooring and patterned floorings. Through our vast experience we have gained in-depth knowledge of individual adhesives and have sourced the best-suited adhesives to suit individual flooring types.

This process is well-suited if there is a likelihood of running pipes below the sub-floor. There are careful considerations prior to installation that must be adhered to in order to produce a long-lasting and flawless result.

  • New concrete needs to be fully dried prior to installation

  • All sub-floors must be clean and free of paint, oil, existing adhesive and varnish

  • All sub-floors should be levelled

  • Wooden sub-floors should be well nailed or secured with screws without any loose boards

If a concrete surface is relatively new, dusty or very porous; we strongly recommend the application of a damp proof membrane which provides a superior bond as well as insulation.

We are meticulous about our approach and will work consistently and efficiently to provide you with the finest result possible. Employing Vinaro flooring as your chosen professional wood floor installation specialist will ensure fitting will be of the highest standards for all classic properties, contemporary interiors or commercial premises.

Wooden flooring boasts a sophisticated history with vast variations, allowing you to create a unique and sumptuous space. You will gain intense satisfaction and enjoy ease of maintenance; wood floors are a remarkable statement and demonstration of exquisiteness.

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