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Wood floors are an elegant floor covering that fit luxuriously into all types of properties from classic to contemporary.

Routine maintenance and cleaning is relatively easy, however, over time they can become scuffed, marked and dull. The best approach to restoration is to employ a wood sanding professional.

Vinaro Flooring restores wooden floors to their former natural beauty as time-served and experienced floor sanding specialists. The sanding process is an incredible process includes several steps:

Step 1:
The boards are sanded down to bare wood with a top of the range, industrial belt sander. Varying levels of grits are used to remove any trace of old treatments, dust, scratches and stains. This process also works to level the floor as much as possible.
Step 2:
Using an edging sander; we work to sand and clean the surfaces as close to the skirting boards as possible. This ensures a consistent level of sanding throughout your floor and produces an end result that is faultless.
Step 3:
When all the dust, stains or scratches have been removed from the wooden flooring, larger gaps are filled before the final sanding. These gaps are filled with the fine sawdust collected from your floor and mixed with clear glue to make sure the colour match is identical. This formulation can be used to fill any gaps, holes or cracks between the boards.
Step 4:
A buffing sander is used to achieve a very smooth and polished result. This offers the best-possible surface in preparation for the finishing stage.
Step 5:
The final stage is the application of oil, waxes or lacquer to your restored wooden flooring. We are happy to discuss all finish options with you prior to work commencing. We work tirelessly to ensure the end result is a product you will be proud of for years.

Please find below information relating to the finishes available:

Hard wax oil is made from vegetable oils and waxes and is available in 16 mixed together colours, producing unlimited options. It brings out the natural beauty of the flooring and over time improves in its appearance with age and wear.

What are the advantages of hard wax oil?
Hard waxes protect the wood from spillages, water and moisture damage. Floors finished with this product are easy to maintain as small scratches can be easily removed. However, the natural oils do need to be re-applied, depending on use. We will discuss a maintenance programme with you to make sure you get the best from your wood floor finish.

Lacquer is available in 3 different finishes: matt, satin or gloss.

Lacquer protects all types of floors and is resistant and long lasting. The true beauty of this finish is that it leaves the original wood colour unchanged, offering protection but allowing the true splendour of the wood to shine through.
Like hard wax oil, lacquer protects the wood, but with the more-resilient layer. It forms an impenetrable layer against dirt, spillages and moisture. We usually recommend 3 coats should be applied to offer this protective layer.

Lacquered floors do not require any maintenance, other than regular mopping or cleaning but they do need to be renewed depending on use. We will discuss a maintenance programme with you to make sure you get the best from your wood floor finish.
Drying time depends on the humidity and temperature of the room. We recommend that, if it possible, after the final coat, to give the room a full day at least before moving any furniture back into the room.

We have a wide selection of bespoke wood finishes to suit all tastes.

We are passionate about what we do and our knowledge of the floor sanding and re-finishing trade is vital as each job will provide different challenges and will require a different approach. We have an understanding of the best products available to complete the work, offering assurance that the results achieved will be truly spectacular. Pride can be restored in your wood floors with Vinaro Flooring.

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